Environmental Security Issues when accessing Network Resources such as the Render Server Cache Path

Environmental Security Issues when accessing Network Resources such as the Render Server Cache Path


Environmental security issues when accessing network resources such as the render server cache path and/or AX application path storage locations.


Consider running the AppXtender Rendering Server service as a domain account.  It can be helpful in scenarios where the EventLogs and/or the Web Access.Net UI reports access denied errors when reading/writing from the render server cache path and/or AX Application Paths.

Since Web Access.Net and Web Services requires use of service credentials, the account defined for those components can also be used to run the Rendering Server service.

Before configuration, be sure the account has the same advanced user rights as specified in the Web Access.Net Installation Guide for the service credentials.

1. In Start > Run or in Widows Search, type “services.msc” and press Enter.
2. Right-click on AppXtender Rendering Server and select Properties.
3. Select the “LogOn” tab.
4. Enter the credential in DOMAIN\Username Pattern.
5. Enter the Password into the “Password” and “Confirm Password” boxes.
6. Click Apply.
7.Restart the AppXtender Rendering Server.


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