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Product Replacement Announcement

OpenText have announced that Reports Manager (v16.3) will no longer be supported beyond v20.3 and is being replaced it with a product called OTS (Output Transformation Server - https://www.opentext.com/products-and-solutions/products/specialty-technologies/opentext-output-transformation). Workflow Manager (v16.6) will also not be supported beyond v20.3 and is being replaced with OpenText AppWorks (https://www.opentext.com/products-and-solutions/products/digital-process-automation/appworks-platform). For a period of time, if you currently own Reports Manager or Workflow Manager, you can get licenses under maintenance. 

  • Reports Manager end of support is 4/2023. The swap for getting the OTS licenses needs to be completed by end of November 2022.   
  • Workflow Manager end of support is 11/2023. The swap for getting the AppWorks licenses needs to be completed by end of December 2022.        

We recommend that you request your AppWorks/OTS licenses now in order to get them under maintenance before the deadlines (above). This will also allow you to run the environments in parallel to give you time to convert the process to the new software applications.
Please send us an email to support@portfordsolutions.com if you want to start the process.

OpenText AppEnhancer (formerly ApplicationXtender): 

  • Current Release is v23.2: Released 8/30/2023. No Patches. 1 Hotfix.
  • v22.2: Released 2/22/2023. Patch 02: Released 8/30/2023. 8 Hotfixes. Note, all Hotfixes superseded by Patch 02)
  • v20.4: Released 11/20/2020 (xPlore is v20.2), Patch 24: Released 8/30/2023. 24 Hotfixes. Note, all Hotfixes superseded by Patch 24)
  • v20.3 - Released 06/26/2020. No Patches. 12 Hotfixes. Note, we recommend upgrading to patch v20.4.
  • v16.6 - Released 04/15/2019. Patch: 25, Released Oct, 2021. 12 Hotfixes. Note, out of support and we recommend an upgrade.
  • v16.3 - Released 12/15/2017. Patch: 40, Released July, 2021. 45 Hotfixes. Note, out of support and we recommend an upgrade.

OpenText Captiva: 

  • Current Release v20.2, Patch 9: Released 11/9/2021
  • v16.6, Released 04/30/2019, Patch 4: Released 1/8/2020 

Kofax Capture: 

  • Current Release v11.1.0, however, if you are using ApplicationXtender then the latest version is v10.2.1
  • Note, if you want to use Kofax 11 then you will need a third-party export connector. Please contact us for more information.

Portford DocuNECT: 

  • Current Release is v5.3.3.15. Released 8/30/2023.

CASO ECM Toolbox: 

  • Current Release is v4. Service Pack 3.

    Software Download

    Download third-party (OpenText and Kofax) and DocuNECT software at the following web site:



    Username: software

    Password: D@wnl@ad2@21!

      Software End Of Life (EOL) Schedules

      Below are the version release dates, primary support end dates, and sustaining support start dates for the products we support. Please note, Extended Support Fee is required once a product version enters Sustaining Maintenance. Many organizations require further support after sustaining support. For an additional cost, you can receive support for legacy product versions through Extended Support. Available for select product releases, this option provides flexibility in timing your migration to newer product versions. If your environment will not be completely upgraded to supported releases by the sustaining support date, we recommend you immediately upgrade your contract to include Extended Support, if available. In doing so, you can ensure uninterrupted technical support while you seamlessly complete your upgrade.

      Portford DocuNECT
      DocuNECT End of Life schedule can be found in the Knowledge Center:

      OpenText ApplicationXtender

      OpenText Captiva

      Kofax Capture

      CASO ECM Toolbox
      There are currently no End Of Life dates release for ECM Toolbox v4.

        Scanner Configuration and Servicing

        The following link provides allows you to check scanner compatible with Kofax Software:


        If you have an active scanner support with us then call the manufacturer number below and schedule a call-out. Note, you will need your scanner serial no.:

        Fujitsu – 1-800-626-4686

        Kodak – 1-800-356-3253